The weekly Techmeme Ride Home Experience 🔴
Delving into the wonderful world of Airtable and Alfred Workflows at 3pm PST
I’ll keep this brief, but I’m going to be participating in Product Hunt’s annual Golden Kitty Awards tomorrow, hosted by excellent-haired Substacker…
🆕 Just released 20 custom icons for Alfred Web Searches!
Two big milestones and a hint at what's next...!
🎧 Podcast interview with Brett Goldstein (@thatguyBG) on digital identity, design, and inventing the hashtagListen now | Hey there! Remember me? I know it’s been a while since you last heard from me (geez, has it already been nine months! I know I know… 🙄…
Elon Musk’s future Tesla is a truck like the iPhone is a phone
The 11th hashtagiversary, a quick favor, upcoming speaking events, and early access to a new project...
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