Silicon Valley is All Wrong About the Cybertruck

Elon Musk’s future Tesla is a truck like the iPhone is a phone

In the past I’ve had inklings that Silicon Valley was wrong — first about Apple’s AirPods (which just sold 3M units this past weekend), and then about Amazon’s Echo Show (Alexa continues to be at the center of Amazon’s consumer strategy). In both cases, I think my perspective proved out.

The unveiling of the Cybertruck once again struck me as historically important (here’s a 5 min recap video), yet the reactions seemed to miss its significance.

So once again, I published my thoughts and was thrilled when Medium featured my piece in their just-refreshed OneZero publication, which you can read here:

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My argument is that Silicon Valley (and everyone else of similar mind) is wrong to evaluate the Cybertruck as a truck. Instead, I see the Cybertruck as an important milestone along the road towards humankind becoming a multiplanetary species! 👽

Therefore comparisons with Ford’s F-150 or F-250 are missing the point. A useful comparison would contrast those vehicles’ potentials as spacefaring vehicles against the Cybertruck!

And that, my friends, is why Silicon Valley is wrong about the Cybertruck!


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